K Lite Comfort

The New K-Lite Comfort micro mobility scooter has been designed to provide you with not only the ultimate in transportability but also the most comfortable, lightweight & most manoeuvrable of scooters available.

• Designed with lightweight components & utilisingergonomic dismantling mechanisms, we have developed one of the lightest scooters on
the market. This brand new scooter has been further enhanced by adding full front & rear
suspension, so you can now enjoy an even more comfortable & luxurious ride!
• K-Lite Comfort is absolutely packed with many features that will benefit your every day life, independence & enjoyment:
• Easy to remove battery box with no plugs or wires to worry about, simply lift off & it automatically disconnests itself for you.
• Full front & rear suspension providing a luxurious driving experience.
• Single handed de-docking system, making it easy for you to strip down for transportation.
• Waterproof ignition & horn switches, giving you peace of mind & improved reliability.
• Quality breathable comfort seating that swivels for safe access on & off your scooter.
• Stylish alloy type puncture-proof wheels, no need to worry about driving over thorns when you are out and about

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