Top Tips for Safe Driving on Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters allow those with restricted mobility to have some independence and remain active. However, those who are new to using mobility scooters may find it takes a while to learn how to handle them, so we have put together some simple tips to follow to help you when you head out on the road on your mobility scooter rental.

Mobility scooter ok for safe driving

  1. Make sure your scooter is well-maintained before you take it onto the road. Check the battery is charged for your journey, the brakes are working and tyres at the right pressure.


  1. Check the safety features of your scooter, such as working lights, reflectors are in place and mirrors positioned correctly. This is even more important in the autumn and winter months when evenings are darker.


  1. Make sure you have a mobile phone with you when heading out, or some way to contact anyone in an emergency. Also, it is helpful to carry identification with you, be it a senior pass or drivers licence.


  1. Be aware of other traffic and pedestrians. Pedestrians have the right of way if you are using your mobility scooter on footpaths, as do cars if you use them on the roads. If you are on the pavement, keep your speed to 4mph or lower.


  1. Plan your route before setting off, as knowing where you need to go means you will follow a safe route and be aware of any obstacles or dangerous spots you come across. Knowing your route also means you can be sure it is completely wheelchair accessible.


  1. Get your seat comfortable before heading out, add cushions for extra support and remember to place your feet correctly. Being comfortable on your mobility scooter can make a huge difference in how and when you use it.


  1. When turning or changing direction, slow down and look around you, so you can be sure it is safe to make the turn. Like with cars, you should check if passengers are coming up behind you to overtake. For blind corners, be careful and be ready to break if there is an obstacle in your way.


  1. When stopping and getting off your mobility scooter, make sure it is on a flat and level surface so there is no chance the scooter will roll away. Remember to turn off the scooter and remove the key before getting off.