Which Mobility Scooter is Best for Me?

Your mobility scooter should slip seamlessly into your daily life. Whether you’re looking for something to use frequently for longer distances or are simply searching for the perfect mode of transport to get you from A to B, there are many different varieties on the market – meaning that the perfect one is out there for you!

The mobility scooter market is growing by the day, and with so many different models on offer it can often prove difficult deciding which is best for you. From top-of-the-range luxury options to super sporty frames that are lightweight and durable, it is important that you write a list of requirements that you’d like your scooter to have. Having a list of your must-haves will make it easier when the time comes to mobility scooter shopping. However, if you’re unsure as to what you think would work best for you, we offer a pay as you go service which makes shopping around for mobility scooters easier, giving you the option to hire the model for a period of time instead of investing in something that might not be right for you!


Here at Pay As you Go Mobility, we offer mobility scooter rental for a range of different models. So, take a look at our quiz below to discover what is the best option for you!